Despite Stolen Dreams – book review

Despite Stolen Dreams is the most recent novel written by a popular and reputed novelist Anita Krishan. This is also a sequel to her previous novel entitled Tears of Jhelum which was appreciated by the readers and book critics as well. Despite Stolen Dreams moves ahead with the story of Wali Family and it penetrates the further layers and tries to unfold the shroud and bring the problem of terrorism to a spot where daylight can clearly make it possible for the world to behold – what terrorism rightly is and how it can be defeated. I see the novel with the same view and I am sure most of the readers will love it because the novel also sports a very well-crafted plot which meets a beautiful narrative to make it a complete fiction with everything in a right proportion. You are going to love this!

This 303-page novel will never let the readers feel overly-done with reading or bored at any level. It is a moving tale which covers the struggles and strifes of a man from Kashmir who looks for a refuge in Delhi’s busy dust – Wali Khan. Because terrorists threaten him in Kashmir, he has a close shave escaping from there and coming to his son in Delhi and life in Delhi isn’t so easy for him; however, his family – wife and daughters, settle well. Wali is a man of pride in his homeland and culture and he feels troubled in Delhi when he has to quit his cultural dresses and wear ‘gentleman’ clothing.

He only gets at ease with Delhi after meeting Kashmira Singh, a fellow aged man troubled by life and his ‘own’. Their friendship drives the novel to a certain length and you will like the way Anita Krishan has described their adventure – single-handedly, they both dominate the society they live in and make things happy and hopeful!

Terrorists are also shown in two categories – humane and savages. Hashim is a savage one and Shakeel is a human one. One changes while other remains the same savage and gets killed before he could do a major operation in Delhi and make Indians suffer again – what happens? When they come back in Wali’s life to make him at knees again? Meher has started loving a Hindu boy; will Kashmiri Muslim man Wali Khan accept his daughter’s wish? There are so many twists in the novel which the readers will certainly love to read and they will be entertained as well as offered a vision by the author through the text.

Read Detailed Review and buying link: Despite Stolen Dreams


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