Bleeding Queens – Book Review

Bleeding Queens – Book Review

I won’t say much about the book because many reviewers have already reviewed the book and offered their wonderful opinions on it. Some of them also ventured to tell about the plot and the events in the book which decide the book’s progress. Palak Kundra, the author of the book, belongs to Amritsar, Punjab and she has also spent a chunk of her life in Delhi. Hence, the setup of the story is in Delhi and the language and family background of the protagonist and her family are Punjabi. And we get to know that Diljit is our lady hero in the novel Bleeding Queens. She is brave and sentimental at the same time but when it comes to punishing the culprits, she just becomes a lioness!

The characters which play important roles in the novel are few – Diljit, her brother Karanveer and her would-be Rohit. They mix up and Diljit is put at the centre of the events and the motif in the novel is bringing the rapists of Diljit to justice who have played with not only her body but also her soul.  The core of the novel deals with the crime against women in the form of rape or other violent act.

The novel is written in Hindi and it strikes a major debate among the readers. Whether the women have been truly given justice or not – this is the society we call civilised and educated and modern! Palak Kundra has raised some very important issues and also sparked a thrill by her ways of expressing her disgust against the women-centric crime. Though she projects that only a mob-kind of violence against the criminals who have committed a crime like rape can be a way to stop them, I don’t agree with her there. It will create a situation of no-democracy in town and we are not living in the Cowboys’ era anymore where you just get out under the bank and finalise the dispute with two guns on two sides.

Otherwise, the novel is written well and it will entertain the readers because I enjoyed reading it very much. It offers the thrill and a reading perfection to the ordinary readers as well. Just enjoy the book and think no more! You can know more about the author and her book on her official website – Palak Kundra


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