How the book critics evolve?

How the book critics evolve?

The year 2017 has seen a new rise in the profession of digital writers. While many writers have chosen paths different and many, some of them have decided to go for the book criticism and some of them have really been successful in the current year and have made big names for themselves. Yes, one might also call them book bloggers and some book bloggers in India have been too busy this year. Let’s scan some of them in this article and we will pick five of the bests!

Various at the Indian Book Critics: Certainly, Indian Book Critics is going on a way to becoming the signature book review website in India and one can say it by looking the way they have evolved in a very short span of time – they have thrived! Began this year only, the website has reviewed some of the best-known authors’ books already. It has also reviewed some of the books by the world-known authors. The also publish author introductions and interviews on a regular basis and you can tell which author is trending by looking at their website. Certainly, it has become one of the best book review websites in India!

Ashvamegh: One of the leading e-magazines in the world publishing quality literature in fiction and non-fiction categories every month, Ashvamegh is also a place for regular book reviews and it publishes some of the reviews which become the benchmark. Book reviews on Ashvameh are also popular nationally and internationally for their depth and quality and literary values.

Alok Mishra’s Official Website: Alok Mishra is a well-known poet and he is also a well-known book critic today. One of the best book bloggers in India, Alok has established himself on this position majorly in the same year. 2017 has been eventful for him and he has offered to the book lovers some great book reviews which have set the course of book trends. His reviews mean a wave of book-sales today or otherwise if the book is hollow.

Featured Books: Featured Books has been moving upwards since the very launch of the website. The platform is open for book reviews from the readers and various contributors and hence the website is full of quality content most of the times and you can find something fresh every day. It has written some of the reviews for the bestsellers of the year 2017 and hence the course-setting is also due to Featured Books!

Literature News: The versatile platform publishing news, as well as various other forms of literature (journalistic mostly), has rapidly improved since its launch in the month of May 2017. It mostly publishes news related to literature but also publishes interviews and book reviews on timely intervals and it is getting popular day by day. You can check them and look for the quality and depth of book reviews yourself. You will certainly like their work!


I hope my analysis will help the book lovers deciding which websites to follow when it comes to book reviews. I will keep on updating the lists as I explore more of the web time to time. Keep on reading guys and wish you all a merry Christmas!


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