Hindi Website – Hindi Samiksha is live!

Web has been a popular respite for Hindi in the recent years and this year was rather friendly for the lovers of this language. Many news platforms have emerged who promote and support content produced in Hindi language and a recent one in this league has emerged towards the end of the year 2017 – Hindi Samiksha. This web platform has been launched in November and since then, it has been producing some of the finest posts in Hindi. Not only the posts by the admins and selected writers are posted on the website but also the ones submitted by the contributors make way for publication. To promote the article writing in Hindi, Hindi Samiksha also offers rewards for the selected articles, though not so much!

The posts on the website suggest that a reader who is looking for Hindi content can find many things in different categories there – as per the site’s about page, it publishes literature review, opinions, interviews, film reviews, political reviews, and some other categories. Written in Hindi, the navigation of the website is also in Hindi and it supports the open fonts which make it convenient for the readers to browse and read content on the website.

Such an attempt is very encouraging to see and it offers us a reinforcement! We can safely say that people are getting fascinated towards content produced and written in Hindi and it is challenging the monopoly of English in the online world. It is also good for the readers who are left behind when they see most of the articles in English even when people are talking about Hindi diwas and attempts such as Hindi Samiksha are wonderful! Though the platform is new, it looks promising and committed to some bigger purposes on the world wide web. It is also a good opportunity for the writers who want a good platform for their writing and let the world know what they have got in their own language Hindi! You can reach the website at hindisamiksha.com


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