With You; Without You by Prabhat Ranjan – review

With You; Without You by Prabhat Ranjan – review

Prabhat Ranjan’s novel With You; Without You is his very debut work which is being loved and appreciated by many readers across the nation. The novel is written in Hindi and it uses the language to the best of its form throughout the novel’s length. Author has fused emotions and thoughts with the novel so much so that it becomes a document inking the emotional chaos which we undergo when we fall in love with someone for the first time and then we confuse ourselves whether it’s love or just something which is more than a friendship. With You; Without You is a novel which must be read by every person who has ever been in love or who just wants to understand what’s friendship and what’s love…

The story of the novel is written primarily focusing on the lives of three people – Aditya, Rami and Nishind. Everything about them becomes a part of the novel and that’s how the novel progresses. At the beginning, we are told about the past of these three characters and good friends by Nishind who is the narrator of the novel. He tells us what happened in the past which set the course for the future and the present.

After the flashback episodes, the novel shifts back to the present and we get to know many other interesting facts about the narrator and perhaps our hero of the novel Nishind. We come to know his economic condition, his mental condition, his determination and also his burden of the guilt about what he has done in the past with Rami and Aditya who loved each other secretly. Nishind also loved Rami but neither of the three could be able to tell about his or her love!

Everything and everyone in the novel go berserk when Rami suddenly reappears in the novel but not as the Rami Nishind and Aditya used to know – as Rashmi Desai – an altogether new form of a woman who is capable, successful and determined! After knowing the person Nishind is, she falls in love with Nishind but he ignores that love just because he knows that Aditya also loves Rashmi and he wants them to unite. These situations in With You; Without You are very well crafted by Prabhat Ranjan, the novelist. He has communicated with the readers to the very core of their hearts and it makes the narrative of the novel so impactful. Readers will always be in the loop of what is happening in the fictional world.

Talking about the events in his novel, author Prabhat Ranjan has revealed many things in different author interviews that he has carried. You can read some of them by visiting his website.

The conclusion of the novel is the most vital part, once again, as has been the rule! Prabhat Ranjan has very wisely chosen the event to portray the reality of the mentality of a common man in the modern world. However, he has also shown that there are also men like Nishind who are still respectful in all the manners! In short, you are going to love this novel very much! Many book critics in India and also the best book bloggers in India have praised the novel! Just get your copies and start reading it before all the copies are sold once again!


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