With You; Without You – upcoming novel

Hindi Literature is certainly going through a phase of uphill these days and in the recent years. People from different backgrounds have accepted the Hindi language as the medium of their literary expressions and it has been a good ride for the readers as well who have been finding a good amount to read. Recent one to join the league of Hindi authors is Prabhat Ranjan who has been there for a while but never ventured into formal writing until now with his debut novel With You; Without You! This is a novel which will be released in the coming October, 2017. The author is enthusiastic about the release and he believes that the novel will do good because of his content, according to the author, is surely up to the mark.

Not only Prabhat Ranjan the author but many ones who have read the early preview as well as the pre-release readers and book critics, all are saying alike – the novel will do good because it fares well. Alok Mishra, one of the best book bloggers in India, has foretold that the novel will do surely a better job than most other debuts because it has the content which will hold the readers Ransome until the novel is over!

Other book reviews websites have also predicted the same. I also got an insider preview and rather read it pre-release. And I am also just in with the critics and the reviewers that the novel will do good because it does not offer a simple fiction where characters fall in love and fall flat and fall in love again. It is something different. With You; Without You is a different kind of love triangle which explores the emotional depths of love affair and also the psyche of the characters. Nishind and Rami are the characters which will surely remain in the hearts of the readers even when they finish the novel and Aditya is also a prototype who will represent many ones of a lot!

Let’s wait for the novel to release and then I will be putting the full book review as well.


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