This is my first blog post

This is my first blog post

Hi guys, this is Rohan. I have recently thought of writing on the web and what could be better than setting up a wordpress blog which of course comes free of cost! No, if you are thinking that I am somewhere on the list of the bloggers who write bullshit and make money by posting advertisements on their blog, you are absolutely wrong! I am certainly not one of those. I am here, writing on the web, so that my voice and ideas reach to a number of people and for that, no doubt, I will have to work harder than one can imagine. So, what shall I be writing here? Well, I will be writing about almost everything which crosses my mind’s radar. 

I will be writing about college life because I am done with my graduation. I will be writing about career choices because I am also passing the phase. I will also be writing about the things which are happening in our country, in my state, in your state, in the neighbour lands and perhaps on the Mars too! Yes, I will be posting about the books I read and also about the authors I like and maybe about the things I hate. Because there is no restriction on what one can post on the web (but yes, there must be a limit under the legitimacy of the content).

Because this is my first blog post, I won’t keep the attention of the readers for a long time. I have already told what I am going to do on this blog. There is a kind of excitement within me for the moment because being so long on the web, rather on the social sites, and too late to explore the opportunities provided by wordpress. I have been writing some stuff, sometimes silly and most of the times serious on my pages on facebook, twitter and maybe I have forgotten which else. Now, my writings will be posted here – here for a long time so that even I can track what things I have been thinking about and understanding and understanding to what a level. This is good, isn’t it? You can directly communicate with so many other readers on the web through a blog? I am excited to take this journey as a blogger and I hope I will be getting the support from the blogger community if my writings meet the demands of the readers. I will be working hard, no doubt. I will do all the best possible practices to bring the best and well-thought content to my readers and I will do it more often so that they might enjoy their wandering around this site. Off for now, guys! Take care!


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